Santa Teresa Tram (Bonde) - where to we start the ride? I think there are two routes - which is the best? Does it run on Sundays?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


The Santa Teresa trams normally run from the centre of the city near the Petrobras building, nearest metro Carioca. However they are not running at present due to the major accident a few weeks ago. Sorry. Cheers Alison- Hidden Pousadas Brazil
Thank you for this helpful information
The Bonde isnt working. 1 month ago one of them crash, killing 8. So the Major is working fast to put the Bonde fine again.
the tram to Santa Teresa had a big accident and in two years we will have a safer one to run in the mold of what exist in Portugal because ours were very old that was the cause of the accident and the option now is to take a bus Castelo x Sivestre that will operate from November 7 , I hope I have helped .
The tram is not running! About two months ago the tram lost its breaks, came out of the tracks! Five people died and since then the tram is closed. They are expected to be back in +/- two years.
Thank you and the others who have replied. I'm sad about the accident and hope that the trams will be running again one day.

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