Please, how are blacks treated in Estonia, Tallinn to be precise. I'm asking 'cause i'm planning to do a study exchange. I'm from...



City: Tallinn

County: Harjumaa

Country: Estonia



Estonians are VERY racist, but there are normal people also, fewer, but there are. You will certainly not enjoy the kind of anonymity or public peace you might have in the Netherlands. Drunken people can be unpleasant to you in clubs just for being black, but if you are big they will respect/fear you. Younger people (20-30) are generally more open and at least positively curious about foreigners.
Generally and if you keep a positive attitude, once you get used to people staring at you and occasional impoliteness, you can have a nice experience.
Best of luck.
It not so bad. As we have more and more student exchange there are also more colors: Asian, Black ect. In Estonia black people is "Neeger" and it is not synonym to "Nigger" in English, it is just Estonian language.
Quite a lot depends from your personality. But as there are not many people from other nationalities some people might stare and some might make sometimes rassist comments... But most probably these will happen very seldom or with more humor approach. Estonians call also themselves a "neeger", espacially if someone have to make hard physical work or work hard.
Little nuances here; Russians in Estonia are more black (and gay) phobia-tic than the Estonians. It for sure depends on how strong you stand, and a great deal on where you go. I assume you are Dutch, join the Dutch group (mostly to be found in Hell Hunt on Fridays). Estonia is a great country, proud and strong people and a few plain (mostly drunk) idiots as well. You will like it, for sure. Bring a very warm jacket, that's the best advice I can give you!

sometimes you can have problems. I had a friend from Cape Verde (black) and he got some strong insults for that. As already written anyway Estonian are not so opened to the foreigners by the way young people are more open.

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