Which season is best to see Hokkaido? Is May,july or August a good time?


City: Sapporo

Prefecture: Hokkaido

Country: Japan


Well, if you want to see fields of lavenders or other sorts of flowers (one reason why Hokkaido is popular among the Japanese), then from mid July is normally the best season to enjoy summer up there.
Yes, July would be great. If you like a more wintery landscape, however, May is still very cold and the main difference from winter itself is that the deciduous forests are as green as can be with the spring season coming into full effect. Cherry blossoms are among the early bloomers that may be visible in May. But the unique flowers that typify Hokkaido in particular are best seen in July.
Actually May is fine, spring weather and very pleasant. It is not cold at all, like some say. May is a good time to see the southern coast and the flat farm-lands.
July is the heat of summer and it does get hot in Hokkaido. It is the best time to go to the higher elevations, climb about the volcanoes and go to the northern tip, visit the tiny islands up there.
August is still hot, but the typhoons are reaching further north and this influences the weather, so you may get more rain, punctuated by blindingly bright blue sky.

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I think it depends on what you want to see. I would recommend July, as you can enjoy all areas of Hokkaido.
It depends a lot on what you want to see: May is still a bit too cold but if you are interested in the Northern Part of Hokkaido with frozen seawater formations maybe you can still see them. If you are interested in nature or simply want a good season to travel around go for July and August, while the rest of Japan is suffering from the incredibly hot and humid hot summer in Hokkaido is pleasant and not humid.
I recommend July. May weather can still be a little unpredictable, and August can be rainy, though not as much as the rest of Japan. July is best for the lavender and flower fields in Furano, where I live. It`s also warm enough to swim on the coast, and of course, if you plan to bike, climb, etc, you`ll have the best weather. Hokkaido usually doesn`t get as hot or humid as the rest of Japan sometimes does, so it should be quite pleasant.
Hi! I would recommend July. Yes most of Japan is hot and the northern area is a lil cooler with a chance to get cool as you climb in elevation. Enjoy the rural atmosphere.
I think May is fine. Beautiful spring weather in May. But, it is like everyone said. It depends on what you want to see. If you enjoying hiking, riding, and seeing sights, then I would say May. I enjoyed the weather in May. You won't see snow and ice. I rode my motorcycle into the mountains to the north in Early April. No problem. In fact, May is when the Cherry blossoms bloom in Hokkaido (only ones of their type).

July is also nice weather, but can be a bit muggy (especially coming into August).

Either way, Hokkaido is a beautiful Island that you can enjoy any time of year. Have fun!

It depends on how you want to enjoy it.
If you want to see flower of nature, the best season is in June & July. Also if you want to enjoy hiking and seeing beautiful color of national park, September is good. Food is always good in Hokkaido, but especially in autumn it could be delicious.

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