How best is Masai Mara interms of tourists attraction apart from the wildbeestmigration at the mara river?


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


the masai mara is more than the migration,it is a very large ecosystem and you will find everything from the big five to birds it is a truly magical place!
There are also aquatic tourist attractions like hippos and crocodiles
Masai mara is more attractive. Apart from migration there is alot to see, name it. Also the camps are so good as they are self contained tents with hot showers inside. For more pleasre you can reach me through email address or mobile no. 254723211483.
You can camp at fourteen falls lodge which is some 10 km from Thika town on Thika Garrrisa Rd. From this camp, you can tour the famous Fourteen Falls and Ol Donyo Sabuk Game reserve. In the game reserve, you can climb Kilimambogo. It is a good base for touring the areas around Nairobi though not staying in the city itself. The connection between Nairobi and Thika is getting better each day as more sections of the famous Thika Rd project are opened.

In the lodge,there are extensive areas for camping, a field for various games, and a restaurant. The swimming pool is under construction and it will be opened before Xmas
Camping gears are available on hire. For those who would opt for a more comfortable setting, there are cottages for that purpose. Feel free to call 0715 894898. Thank you.
Masai Mara is a destination that one can visit all year round. Wilderbeest migration is a bonus but there are alot to see in the Mara.
Personally the best time to visit would be out of the migration season. This is because during this time there is no crowding of facilities and the game drive are really fulfiling now that there no too many visitors.
Its at Masai Mara that you can see all the big game just in one drive. The scenery is one that you can not describe you have to be there to experience it no one and nothing can describe it but you have to be there to understand this.
Masai Mara is more than the great wildebeest migration. its known for abundance of wildlife ranging from the BIG FIVE to over 450 species of birds therefore making it one of the most attractive wildlife protected areas in Kenya. It is one of the parks where spotting every member of the BIG FIVE is easy as long as you have ample time.
The park is also know for the rich Masai culture. Masai together with their cousins in Samburu are known to be the communities in Kenya that have coexisted with wildlife harmoniously.

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