Im travelling to Istanbul in group of 4 and planning to take a 3 days driving. What is the best routes/places?


Country: Turkey


I hope I can help you ...
you must start with Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia ..
both is in the same square .. there's a cafe at this square.. you can smoke nargile there...
nearly 100 m down of Hagia Sophia is the Topkapı Palace .. I guess it's the best museum of Turkey .. you can see the best relics at there ...
then go to the forest park called Gülhane''..
you can drink the best tea there...while looking the great of the sea ...
and you can join a trip at a boat.. to see the whole Istanbul from the sea .. and don't forget to eat a meal at The Maidren's Tower ..
that's all I can tell you ...
hope it works for you ...
have a good night
hi friend
as we know,there is a crowded traffic in istanbul but perhaps you can go seesights in istanbul for example;
Best thing to do when you ask me is to park your car at the hotel and do all visits by bus - metro- boat , the infrastructuuur in Istanbul is good , everywhere you can get a dolmus(taxi bus) taxi or normall bus , its cheap and save .
to drive around in Istanbul you need a good feeling for city driving and good nerves. in other worths they drive like crazy and trafic jams are everywhere, so safe youre self a lot off trouble , by the way crossing the bosporus on a ferry is also a nice thing to do,, for more touristic info you already goth answer from the other localites ,,, have fun greetings tom
Hi, I'm Hamza Eyigor from Online Ephesus Travel. You can stay one day Instanbul for making the full day city there (Istanbul classical tour) including visiting if Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Obelisk,Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, German Fountain, and Graand Bazaar (tour with lunch, 75 EUROfor full day tour. You can fly then to Izmir, I can arrange transfer from you from izmir to Kusadasi, and visit the ancient city of Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last years. (about 45 EURO per person with lunch). The next day you can go to Pamukkale, populat with its white travertines and water terraces (about 60 EURo pp with lunch).
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