Dear All; It is a pleasure for me to communicate with you all; i was having a question about the main sightseeing in prague will...

...visit prague from 27/11/2009 to 1/12/2009 and would like to know the most important places to go. Thanks for cooperation; B.R.


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


Hi Ahmed
I'm very pleased that you have decided to visit Prague. You will not need a list of things to see and do. Playing it by ear is always a nice way.
However, if you do like to have a plan then I would personally go for a centrally located hotel or hostel, look in the old town area and don't go too far radially out from there with your search.
There are no area's to be afraid of.... I say this because a question of this sort came up recently.
It will be a little bit chilly at that time of the year. In fact at lunchtime today I saw the first snow flakes of this year :)
Charles Bridge of course.... have a look at some of the photo's on my profile, they are a tiny fraction of what there is to see and your time will fly!!!
If there is any specific interest or interests then you are more than welcome to ask.

Always happy to help!

Nothing to add at the hereunder answer ..
Enjoy your stay in Praha...
Hi Ahmed....Wenceslav q., Old Town sq., Charles Bridge, Prague Castle ….. every body tells you the same but
we are beer nation, so you must visit:

Nice Czech beer, typical Czech food for ok prices and nice old architecture of Prague.

Cafe with beautiful architecture:

- very good food as well (higher prices :-( 10-15 EUR dinner), and beautiful accomondation in the center of Prague if you like

Enjoy Prague Zdenek

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