Hi, I am visiting Damascus for a few days, November 1 to 4; and looking for a local to show me the best parts of the city and area;...

...Let me know if anyone is able! Know any squash players? David in Canada


City: Damascus

Province: Dimashq

Country: Syria


Hi there,
Most of us here on localyte are in Lebanon and not in Syria.
However I can recommend Mrs. Hazar Selo at Luxor Travel

We have been using her services for friends of ours from abroad and for groups.

I am very sure that she will be able to provide quality abswers to all your questions and be able to proved all services, including tourguides etc. you may need.

Best regards

sorry i have no time but i am sure many other hospitable people would love to do that
Hi, and you are most welcome in Syria (your second home!). Me, and all of syrian people would like to have you as our guest, daer new friend! Just PM and I would be more than happy to help you.


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