How can go to kerdasa from haram


City: Giza

Governorate: Al Jizah

Country: Egypt


Take a Taxi and tell the driver Kerdasa :)
You must say first where are you ? Are you in El-Haram ? If you are in El-haram Take a White Taxi it has a K.M Counter then you don't need to set the price in a advance the journey to Kerdasa takes 15 minutes from fisal street , you will drive by maryoteya canal
You can go by taxi , but anyways if u need any help u can contact us on

I can provide u a taxi and a professional driver as well
the better thing for you take taxi the tell the drivers to kerdasa to the tourist market .
you can take a taxi or a privet car or touristic car (limousine) it cost you like 120 L.E for 4 hours and it's only shopping area specially for Galabeya
it is very easy from haram to sakkara
it is very easy from haram to sakkara
there is a micro bus goes directly to kerdasa from maryotea .
u can take a micro bus or taxi or any transportation from haram st to maryotea,then from there u'll take a direct micro bus to kerdasa and it takes like 15 min to reach kerdasa from there
the best way is to go by taxi, it takes about 15/20 minutes depending on the traffic
to go to kardasa go to da2ary high way side go to pramids.and will see way to kardasa it beside haram street any it's easy from there
You just need to take a taxi for 10 min only , it will be around 12 to 15 pounds max , white taxi with meter will be cheaper and okay as well
Hi, The most easy way, is to take a taxi prefered white one and be sure that the taximeter is working and just tell him Kerdasa and he will take you to there, if you are at the pyramids area this is 20 min as maximum in taxi and if you are by the center this will be 45 min arround figure.

Not recommended to go or be back from there after 19:00 H. as a security wise

Enjoy your time
Just take a Taxi.
It won't cost a lot.
It is not far.

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