Guide Books..What do you expect from them ?


Country: Ireland


Having read a number of answers on a number of forums I have come rightly or wrongly to some conclusions.

Hotel and restaurant sections in guide books are a waste of paper because no one takes them seriously and their shelf life is extremely limited.

No one wants to be told where to go, just a bit about what is there when they arrive.

What people do want to know is how best to get somewhere and the transport arrangements to get them there.

Guide books are mainly used for reference and macro rather than micro planning.

Everyone has their favourite but some use different ones for different aspects.

The main conclusion is that if some one asks me which is the Best guide book for Ireland? I need to know which details of their trip they want it to cover and then point them at people who actually read them.

Perhaps I should give Dean Koontz a rest and start reading something from the reference library.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to my enlightenment ;-)

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