I've heard polar opposite opinions regarding tickets for Oktoberfest, I need some local advice!

I've read that going to Oktoberfest without vouchers to guarantee you get in the tent is a recipe for frustration and missed fun. Then, I've heard that it's a waste of time, it won't be that crazy, and we'll be fine. We plan on attending on Sunday October 2nd, arriving to the fairgrounds late morning/early afternoon. Do I need to be worried about not be able to get into the tents due to crowds, and not getting to experience Oktoberfest which is basically what I've scheduled my entire 2 week European trip around? Oh, the other thing I've heard both sides on is costumes. Some say if we wear the typical german attire that we'll get laughed at and stick out as locals; others say it's the ones that don't wear anything festive that stand out. I'm so excited to come visit but now I'm getting more and more nerouvs that I'm not prepared!


City: Munich

State: Bayern

Country: Germany

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