Hi there! What is the best Chinese and Italian restaurant in Dublin? Also where I can try some national Irish food and what shoud it be? Thx

Also what is the best place for shoping (designer's clothes and souvenirs)? What is the best night club (but I don't like house music)? What is the best national thing I should see? Thank you :-)


City: Dublin

County: Dublin

Country: Ireland


Dame Street,Andrew Street and the Temple Bar area.
Clothes etc - Grafton Street.
In Dublin - do the Guinness Tour.
For the restaurants, go to Capel St. There are great places there for Chinese food and there's even a restaurant that does Irish and Italian cuisine. Hit two birds with the one stone!
If you want high-class designer clothes, Brown Thomas in on Grafton St. If you want Irish knitwear and designer-wear, Avoca is on Suffolk St. (closes to Grafton st), and Kilkenny is on Nassau (also nearby). And between Avoca & Kilkenny, there are a few clothes shops and designer shops that might interest you.
If you want some really cheap, manufactured souvenirs, Carrolls is a shop with a green facade blasting out the same CD of the most cliché Irish music. I wouldn't recommend it.

For going out at night, we mostly do pub-nightlife. I'm not into clubs, but there are quite a few around. Depending on your style and age group, you could try Krystal (high-class, i think!), Twenty-one (very young crowd), The Purty Kitchen (mix of everything, depending on the night).

Personally, I go The Mezz in Temple Bar. There's a live band every night, and it's always good, with a great crowd.

By 'national thing', I presume you mean 'touristy thing'? As Alan said, the Guinness Storehouse is one to do if your time is limited. I love the Storehouse, and their Guinness! If, however, you want to really learn something and get something out of your visit in Dublin, there are several things to do:
National Museum of Archaeology (greatest collection of gold metalwork in Europe!)
Dublin Writers Museum (Dublin is a Unesco city of Literature. Come and find out why!)
Trinity College Library - for the Book of Kells (learn why Ireland was known as 'The Land of Saints and Scholars')

If you can, do all three. If you have less than 2 days in Dublin and you're really short of time, then do a walking tour of the city. There are a few companies that run walking tours every day, and there are even some private tour guides you can hire if you are coming with a few friends and really want to make the most of your time in Dublin. That would be my no.1 thing to do in Dublin.

Hope this helps!
I like to visit the chinese restaurant in the Acadamy plaza hotel in Findlater Place just off O'Connell St. in Dublin .Henry St. in Dublin is a great place for shopping but for designer clothes and souvenirs the Powerscourt Shopping Centre just off Grafton St. is a must see Brown Thomas on Grafton St. will have all u need as well Great sights in Dublin n the hop on hop off tour bus is a great idea especially if ur time is limited The Phoenix Park is Dublin is very close to the Museaum at Collins Barracks Smithfield Chimney viewing towre n the Guinness hop store Dublin is a city that can't be rushed but savour n enjoy if the weather is good sit outside for lunch and get the full flavour of the character of the city and it's Characters.............hope u enjoy ur visit

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