How much does it cost to fly from mbj airport to Sandals Whitehouse?


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


Upon arrival, you'll proceed to the Sandals desk or lounge, conveniently located at Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. Your complimentary transfer to and from the resort will be arranged by Sandals. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY !!! COMPLIMENTARY!! :) PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK. By the way I donot work for Sandals.
there is n longer a commercial flight, only a private charter . It's only 1.5 hr drive..CAll Sandals as the airport is across the Street , a short walk from Sandals. Maybe they can arrange it for a fee?
top of the day to you, im happy to say that i could arrange a transfer for you from montego bay to Sandals Whitehouse hotel , firstly i must ask how many of you need the transfer (person people)we are able to take four person and also a maxium of 800 pounds plus that would include body weight and luggage, also i would love to know how long you stay because the cost can be vary if ill stay with you for a hour or less at the whitehouse that time would be free however for every additional hour it would cost you US$130.00 for each additional hour also if i have leave you and return the cost for that would be double it cost presenstly US$ 750.00 for one way to the Sandals Whitehouse from the Montego bay Airport, i would be happy to make the arrangement for you so could you furish me more information where-as i would be see if your requested date is available.
thanks much happy to know that jamaica is on your agenda to visit.
Sorry there are no flights to Sandals Whitehouse but you can contact Sandals and they would be able to arrange transport for you from the airport to the resort.
$650 US DOLLORS (helicotor)

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