Does Bongo Bongo bar sell weed over the counter like Amsterdam? If not can someone tell me where does? Thnx


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hello there
The 'system' here is not quite the same as in the Netherlands.
I personally prefer the method here but of course it's swings and roundabouts.
In Amsterdam you do get a chance to choose from a menu as to which WB you would like.
Here in CZ about the only choice is one or two grams and it's grass.
Since the introduction of 'no smoking' tobacco in public places in NL I think it's changed the coffee shop feeling.
Here in CZ there is no ban on smoking so that is a big plus. Also it's normal to have a beer as they are basically pubs where you can buy.
I will not mention any names of places here though.
The system here works because it is kept low key and not ment to be a tourist attraction.
If you would like some help when you are here in Prague then SMS me and I'll happily guide you to a good place.
Hallo, there is some bars where u can buy weed, but it is still ilegall in CZ. So I dont want to tell u this way, it not safe for these bars :o)
Im a happy smoker so u can meet me and smoke together and Ill tell u how it goes in Praha.
Have a good time.

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