Have you or anyone of your friends or colleauges spoken with Sheikh Maktoum? If so what is he like?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


What have to do with questions on travel to Dubai?.
No, But Yes One of My Cousin have met him once for few minuts, He is very kind and loving,
Im not sure what you are on but your questions dont fit this areana!
I took a second look at my question. Thanks for the cautions you guys. However I don't think there is any harm in asking such a question. People visiting Dubai may be curious as to the character of the Sheikh. In many people's opinion for example the sheikh is like the CEO of Dubai. He is extraordinarily visionary, he is brave in decisions regarding the future of Dubai. He is all around one of the great leaders of the 21st century, as far as I'm concerned. On top of that I consider him as a personal hero. No one else in the world has accomplished what he has accomplished in Dubai. THe cosmopolitan atmosphere, the many iconic buildings, the metro built in record time - these things can be directly attributed to the vision of the Sheikh of Dubai. This is the sort of thing I was driving at by posing this question.

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