Hey, i m flying solo for 5nights to budapest end september, thursday to tuesday, i was wondering about nicest places to party for each night

I am looking for places to see and to be seen, i am 27 and like to party hard and money is not a prob i read about FAT MO, DOKK, PLAY, JAM PUB ...but only locals would know which one for each night...thanks a lot for ur answers


City: Budapest

Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary



i would say: thursday for Dokk Café/Jam Pub (they are in the same mall) friday: FAT MO, saturday: PLAY (becasue it is only open at saturday's)... but if you want some fun for sunday, and monday too, then look for Corvintető, or Instant... if you interested is some underground style :)
Thank you, i think i ll check some of those along with some of the big club nights
I'd forget about these, and go to Doboz, the newest place in town and to ruin pubs, in district 7.
Try for partying morrisons there are two of it, morrisons 1 and morrisons 2.
There is ötkert and holdudvar.
these places and Romkertand Rio are for those who definetly want to take someone home. if u re more into dancing and talking and u are not a snob, visit 5kert, Kertem, Szimpla kert, Szóda, Fotel Fogasház, 400, Instant, Corvintető, Zöldpardon, A38 and of course Mika Tivadar.
Email me when u come () and at least 1-2 days I can give you a guide. I know the best places, and we also party hard.. ;)
I agree, otkert and holdudvar are the can try also dokk cafe and romkert.
Thanks i actually heard about otkert, so might try it !
Thanks for all the help and all the answers!

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