i am travelling in oct to maylasia with a stop over in hong kong,,i want to know if there are any shuttles form the airport to the hotels,,


City: Kuala Lumpur

Federal territory: Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia


Yes u can find at the KLIA with minimum fees to Kuala Lumpur, ask at info counter they will assist you.
Sure there are two modes of public transportation from the airport to the city. First, you could use the Express Rail Link, which is a high speed train connecting the airport to the main station KL Sentral. The fares is reasonable, and if you're traveling alone, it is cheaper than by taking airport taxis. And that's basically the second mode of transportation that is the airport taxi. But make sure you take the ticket first before you board any taxis or else they'll mark up the price. It's a ticketing system which means the fares is controlled. However, you would have to make sure when is the time you arrived in KL because I think after 11 pm there's no more train service to the city. Hence you would have to take the airport taxi which is more expensive after midnight due to the extra charges. Hope this is informative enough for you, but don't worry everywhere you go in Malaysia you could easily asked for information or help from anyone, as most are conversant in English and they would be more than happy to help you out!
Assisstance is readily available at the INFO counter.
There are actually 3 modes of transport available : Taxis, Express Rail Link & Coach.
Taxis are readily available but the fares maybe higher compared to the others, taking into consideration what time of the day bcuz there's a midnite charge imposed.
Rail link will bring u from KLIA to KL Sentral station only.
Coach can get u to the hotels in the city area & the journey takes 1.5hrs. Cost RM18 per adult. Frequency of the coach is hourly. Refer to :
Tel : 03-6203 3067/3064
Hope this info helps. Enjoy your stay... :)

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