how often do the ferries run from tallinn to helskini and how much do they cost?


City: Tallinn

County: Harjumaa

Country: Estonia


in total its bout 20 boats per day, so often... there is many different companys... lindaline, viking line, tallink, eceroline ... prices start from 20e one way... i use lindaline... its the fastest 1,5 h and from center to center.
Hello, there are many companies. The ride is an average of 2h. Linda Line is the fastest 1,5h and you are in the city center of Helsinki, few meters from the Market Hall and the Espanade. Tallink arrives to Länsiterminal in Helsinki that is not completely city center.
Prices from 20 Eur.
check thw website
There are times and prices.
Hi! You can use website to find what you need:

Choose language and you'll get all information you need :-)
The fast ferries go 1.5 -2.5 hours
The fastest one stop their traffic when ice or storms appear (December-March for sure).
But Tallink and Viking Line have fast and reliable service all year round.

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