i will be in penang at theholiday inn on the beach from sept 21 for 6 days where can i buy bottled wine at a reasonable price and take... re


City: Penang

State: Pinang

Country: Malaysia


do not buy from batu feringghi areas (ie all hotels there).

get it from town areas, such as shopping centres - TESCO, COLD STORAGE, etc.

however, if u r a finicky enthusiast, quality (read: pricier) wines available at
1. DENISE wine shop at Pulau Tikus, opposite Bellisa Row at Burmah Road
2. Opposite Copthorne Hotel at Tanjong Bungah, there's one, but for the life of me, i can't recall its name, even tho i pass by it every day

DO NOT BUY from That Little Wine Bar, tho.
Saw the owner (European chap, methinks) carrying empty wine bottles in a huge bin plastic bag & a funnel from the shop to his house across the road. Recycle them wine bottles, u think? Shiver me timbers! u'd think locals do it, not Caucasians!!!! I'd drank red wine there a coupla times, cost me an arm n half a testicle. never again.
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