As I see many areas for Great Wall.. Which one is the best?? Thanks


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


In Beijing City there are many sections opening for tourists . but the best one is Mutianyu Great Wall, cause there more beautiful , easy to get to there and have cable car and toboggan, less crowded.
Top great wall:
Mutianyu , JInshanling, huanghuacheng, jiankou , jvyongguan ,shuiguan , badaling, gubeikou.
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Hi, on my opinion, in Beijing Juyongguan great wall for youth pepole, it is steeper, Mutianyu great wall and Badaling great wall cable car are both very good safe , also very beautiful view.
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It really depends on what you're after - we all have our different favourites. Badaling for example is the cheapest and easiest to get to, considering there are frequent public buses which you can board at your leisure. Some of the other wall sections have bus service too, but require either a change or are not as frequent. It's no surprise then that Badaling is also the most crowded section of wall. It also happens to be heavily refurbished, so not quite "rustic" enough.

In terms of convenience, Mutianyu comes second to Badaling. It's still quite touristy, but the difference here vs. Badaling is already huge.

Other people have already mentioned other sections. Jinshanling is my personal favourite - it's far from Beijing (2 hours by car), but scenically the most magnificent in my opinion and you won't see many people. This connects to Simatai which is hike-able in 4 hours - but unfortunately the Simatai section is currently closed for 'refurbishment' (read: destruction by the government in their attempt to make it tacky. We shall see.) Another nearby section is Gubeikou - if you fancy a day trip which involves a slow train, that's a nice day trip to make.

Huanghuacheng and Jiankou are both fairly 'broken' sections of the wall. The latter is quite tough to climb/hike. The former is where the wall descends into a lake and can be a nice spot to combine both wall and water.

Juyongguan is just before Badaling, and therefore one of the closest sections of the wall to visit. It's less busy compared to Badaling, but similarly refurbished and you'll still see a couple of tourist busses.

If you are able to rent a car for the day, then I would definitely suggest going further. If you wish to save money, then stick to the bus.
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