I would like some suggestions for less touristic things to do within a daytrips radie by car from Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol. Cities,...

...villages, areas, sights, experiences...


Country: Spain


Hello Susanna

Please feel free to get in touch with me at: epalisi(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be glad to discuss with you things to do while in Marbella area.

Bye for now!
Hello Suzanna, when you are in Mijas, there are several location you can visit. Its just 2 hours drive to Seville or Granada. Those two cities has a historic past. For granada is it best to search for Alhambra on the internet for the background before you visit it. When you like to stay on the sea site, visit Cadiz, its a harbour for cruisers to all over the world, nice to eat fish in the harbour. To the other site of mijas you have Marbella and Murcia. For more mountain sitescene you have the sierra nevada. Hope to give you some ideas and wish you a pleasant stay.
A very vague question so where does one star? Málaga City, Nerja caves, Rute/Iznajar, Córdoba, Granada, Seville, Ronda, Guadix are all worth time.

Be more precise and I am sure we can help you more.
Thank you Steve, you added a few things more to my lists of things worth checking up on. The cities and what to do there I've already have some information on but what I'm looking for s more...well..what is not in the average guidebook? What I know about Costa del Sol is that it's packed with expat Brits and Scandinavians and kinda exploited. I'm not going for the touristic things, I don't want to step into a bar where evryone speaks English, I want to experience the real Andalucia. Was it more precise ; ) ?
Hi Susanna.
I trust you are well? I'm rather confused as to why your question has arrived in 'My Tasks' list. Localyte has been updated recently and I guess it's a little bug.
P.S. Why did you leave Sweden? I was working there a few years ago and left.
Maybe they just wanted you to be able to score a few more points? I left Sweden because of love.
That is very nice!!! It was love that brought me to Prague :)

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