Where can I go for dolphin/whale/other sealife safari in south Spain, Costa del Sol? How much does it cost? I know there is one in...

...Gibraltar, do you have any suggestions for trips that you know are good?


Country: Spain


Close to Benidorm there is a beautiful sea park where kids can play with dolphins. There are also seals and other animals.
Yes, you are right Susanna. In GIB it's possible to go for Dolphins. I worked there three years and never had the chance to go though I love Dolphins. Maybe this is the right moment in time...
Drop me some lines about when you plan to come over: epalisi(at)gmail(dot)com
Ciao! Eugene
Thank you for your answers, however, due to visa regulations me and my partner will not be able to enter Gibraltar but we still would love to go on some boat trip. Do you know of any other company that offers trips? Maybe in Marbella or surrounding areas?
Hi Susana, you also have whale watching excursions from both Algeciras and Tarifa, many different companies offer whale trips in Tarifa, you find posters all over the small town offering daytrips or just short trips (a few hours), and I don't think the tours are expensive. Good luck! :-)

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