Taxi rate from San Antonio to Austin


City: San Antonio

State: Texas

Country: United States


per day 35 uss
The price includes

The excursions and sightseeing mentioned in Program (Without Entrance Fees)
Air-conditioned vehicle with English speaking chauffeur will be provided.(Private Vehicle) The chauffeur
A/C car with driver gasoline and open mileage and taxes insurance full time up to the south beach
For each hour of taxi driver's time do not pay more than 30 dollars (US). I shopped around and this is the best rate I got and my taxi driver was very pleasant. Try contacting the 'yellow cab flash' group'. as they have the best price to service ratio.
Estimated Fare using meter at 04:25

Distance: 131.84 km. | Duration: 1 hr. 34 min.

first 230 meters $2.55
131.61 km. x $1.30 per km $171.74
waiting in traffic (~17 min.) $7.86
airport surplus $1.00
Total $183.15

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