Lisbon, Portugal or Tangier, me decide?

I am flying to Madrid, Spain in Dec I am having a hard time deciding between going to Tangier, Morocco for a day or Lisbon for a day. If you have been there please help me decide which is better!


Country: Spain


Not sure I'd want to do either just for a day. I am sure there are many closer destinations you would enjoy. Just an opinion.
A day is a very short time for either destination. I assume you are flying, in which case a day in either place is possible, but a travel/connection time of three to four hours is a huge proportion of twenty four, even if you are an expert at getting to and from airports by the skin of your teeth. Lisbon is quicker and easier. Both places are fantastic destinations , but deserve more time.
Just for the day? Not even spending a night?
I'm afraid but that's not realistic at all... Consider at least a whole weekend for any of them (and that's not much either!). Otherwise, consider staying in Spain the whole time: there is so much to see!

Plus you can't compare one town with the other: the exotism of Marocco against the romanticism of Lisbon. Europe against Africa. What is your way of travelling? Where would you feel more comfortable as a tourist if you don't have more than a few hours to get oriented and move around? What are you looking for when you travel? That's the questions you should be making yourself to see which destination would be better for you.
It is very hard to answer your question, because it depends on what do you want to see. Lisboa is a very beatiful place, but......
I would suggest Madrid and Lisbon...they definitely both worth a visit.
all this places are not for a day trip from Madrid, they are to far away, and the deserve more than that. Around Madrid there is many place to go, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial... maybe whith the AVE (train) you can go for a day to Sevilla or Cordoba, but Madrid and it soroundings are enough for a week, there many things around there.
I agree with everyone, Lisboa and Tanger are both too far away for a daytrip, and they deserve a longer stay. Madrid is a fantastic city with so much to see and experience, and with one daytrip to Cordoba, Toledo or Segovia you will experience that also these cities have a lot to show you, you simply need more time to discover all the beauty of Spain! If you ever arrive in Western Andalucia, don't hesitate to get in touch :-)

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