Is Monserrat suitable for someone with walking disability?Are there cafes or seating areas?


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


I advice the excursion to Montserrat even with walking disabilities as when you arrive to the end of the road (after the bus parking) you may be opened the gate (for a car or a van ... not for a big bus though) to go up to the entrance of the Monastery. From there you need to walk 50m to reach the interior of the church, but you can also ask for a wheel chair (they have one in the hotel beside). For what is about going to see the Black Virgin in her shrine you may use the elevator for wheel chairs which is situated at the end of the corridor of the candles, left of the main entrance to the church.

Anyway, I think every thing has been thought for disabled people to visit the place conveniently. You just need to ask for it as soon as you arrive.

Have a nice time in Montserrat and enjoy your stay in Catalonia.
Yes. When you arrived to Montserrat there is a minitrain that takes you from practically the bus parking to the Monastery. When you arrived to the monastery there is an elevator for wheelchairs that leaves you practically infront of the Virgin.
In Montserrat there are many cafeterias and also shops.

I would recomend to visit Montserrat to all the people : young, old , with walking disabilities, without walking disabilities ......

I hope that you enjoy the visit,

Sandra de Miguel
I totally agree with what my colleagues Marie and Sandra are telling you.
Now, appart from the church and the Virgin Shrine, the cafés and the shops, there are other activities available in Montserrat. My other favorite would be visiting their gorgeous Art Museum (in the plaza in front of the Monastery access). It's got elevators between the different floors, plus several benches where to rest during your visit. The collection itself is amazing! I like saying it's a little jewel waiting to be discovered! It has some international gothic to barroco art, then a wonderful display of Catalan modernist art (and other trends related to the same period, before and after), a little collection of french impressionists (the only one in Catalonia!), some early Picasso's, some Miró and Dalí artwork (even when the paintings are not displayed for some reason - restauration or lease- there are always some engravings shown) as well as contemporary art and many more surprises!

Another thing you can do is shop at the small farmer's market (don't miss their cheeses and the famous "mató" cottage cheese with honey!), or visit the audiovisual: a 10min slide show on the mountain followed by an exhibit on the life in the monastery. This is also suitable for people with walking disabilities.

What I would NOT recomend instead would be taking any of the funiculars (either St. Joan or Santa Cova), because they are mostly taking you to places from where you need to walk to see things (either mountain trails, or the Chapel of the Holy Cave where the Virgin was found). If you still wanted to take it for the views only, then take the one to St. Joan, as it offers better views during the ride (but again, you won't be seeing much after you get off the funicular and will have to wait until the next one departs in 20min).

Hope that helped! Please rate my answer!
Thank you so much,


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