I would like to visit Bucharest for few days, what are the most attractive places to see for first time visitor?


City: Bucharest

Municipality: Bucuresti

Country: Romania


Dear Kass,

Here are a couple of suggestions:

- the People's Palace (the Romanian Parliament - 2nd largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon) - Phone: 0040214141426 Fax: 0040213120902
Here, you generally need a reservation, made 24h prior to the visit, however you can call them and ask for details.
- the Village Museum - one of the largest open-air museums in the world, comprising 300 separate structures from different areas of Romania. It will provide you with insight into Romanian country life.
- the Museum of the Romanian Peasant
- the Natural History Museum "Grigore Antipa"
- the Atheneum (the Romanian Covent Garden)
- the Cotroceni Palace
- the Princely Court - see where Bucharest began (the ruins of the Princely Court + the oldest church in Bucharest (St. Anton) + Manuc's Inn
- the Old City - the Lipscani Street area, the History Museum, the National Bank, the "Beer Cart Restaurant

I hope this helps,
Well Bucharest has a lot to offer depends what you really like. I will classify the places which i think are worth seeing:
- if you wanna dine in a historical monument where you can choose from various mouth-watering recepies and 1 liter beer glasses topped with traditional music you should defetely try Caru cu Bere which is situated in the Old Historical Center, Lipscani area. Close by you can also find a newly reopened historical monument called Hanul lui Manuc. Beautiful place to see, inside but it is kind of price nowadays so just take a beer and enjoy the view. Both places need reservations before.

-the Romanians started to be more and more found of biking so i would suggest you to hire a bike and see Cismigiu Park with it swans and wild ducks and peacocks sector on bike. If you found of parks you can also check out Herastrau Park.

-take a walk in the Old Historical Area which boots with life, music, good food, small boutiques and art galleries and of course old beautiful buildings.
- see the House of the People,but you need a reservation before. You may also consider The Village Museum, Sutu Palace -The History Museum but somebody already answered your question about that so i no need to say more.
You can also try the The Romanian Jewish History Museum located in the former Templul Unirea Sfântă (United Holy Temple) synagogue, which survived both World War II and Nicolae Ceauşescu unscathed situated near Unirii Square. In the proximity you can also find the Holocaust Museum in Romania.
Near Bucharest if you have the time you should also visit Mogosoia Palace and Snagov Monastery where it is said that Count Vlad the Impaler is buried. You can also make wake boarding on the lake, take a bout around the lack or opt for an bike tour in Snagov Protected Areas -Eco-friendly of course.
And p.s hit the clubs and bars for one night, defensively a must for nightlife seekers.
Hope it helped. For more info please don't hesitate to ask.
Cheers, Alex

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