Can you recommend some off-the-beaten-track sites in Bucharest?

I'm interested in places with touristic potential that are not normally included in touristic programs.


Country: Romania


If you travel with kids - or not - you can visit an animal farm - with a lot of animals there and also horse riding and a place for kids .... is near Bucharest in Pantelimon city (you need to ask locals - in Pantelimon - the good road...)
One of the less explored areas in Bucharest is the French Club & Village. In the 1990's the French Giant Cntractor Bouygues started in Bucharest with the Sofitel Hotel and The World Trade Centre. The French Club and Village had been built initially solely for the French managers living in Romania during their mission here. The construction started from the scratch in one area near the Herastrau lake and North Highway. Several decent and comfortable houses were built around the Club where the mamangers and their families use to gather at the fine restaurant and swimming pool. 10 years later, in 2004, Romanian investors followed the French investment and built heavily almost every single square meter, rising luxury modern condominiums and state of the art large suites mostly to let for the foreign employees hired by the multinational companies. Nowadays the whole area is worth visiting for there You may compare how the foreign managers and the nouveau riche Romanian investors live in fine big suite blocks and great residential locations.

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