where to eat for vegetarian/?


City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States


Hi ,
You know, it is so funny, how I keep coming back to my own neighborhood, Jamaica Plain, as the answer to all questions! However, it is a great little corner of Boston & has more restaurants per square foot than you would believe.
Specifically, I would recommend Wonderspice for vegetarians, though any of the Asian places would be lovely. If you just take the #39 bus to 'The Monument' on Centre Street, then get off & walk around, (seriously,) you will find a restaurant that will just hit the spot. Honestly, there are small, new places that I haven't even tried yet but I hear such wonderful things about them!
I can do more research for you & send along a second message, all the best ~ C
Depending on where in Boston you will be staying, Harvard Square offers a few options for vegetarians alike. I would a day or night of shopping through the stores coupled with a meal at any one of their vegetarian options, I will say Mr Bartley's burger cottage serves a great veggie burger, plenty of Thai and Asian options as well. Grendel's Den has options along with a unique atmosphere and bar and drink options as well. They also have limited outdoor seating this time of year. Which is nice for weather ABD people watching.

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