I want goulash where is best?


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


In Hungary!
in Kulacs restaurant, in Dohány street...enjoy your meal!!!
Central Market Hall,
2nd floor.
Enjoy your Goulash, but keep in mind food in Hungary is more than just Goulash and Paprika chicken..
Goulash (gulyás) is a very simple dish, so you cannot really go wrong about it. A good restaurant with Hungarian dishes I think is Rustico () in Váci Street (very centrally located).
In general, a good site about Hungarian food and restaurants is .

Hope this helps!
- In a very central location, good other food too, make a reservation before you go.
- Also central location a bit more moderate prices, but excellent service and excellent food.
Bon Appetite!
i can reccomend u 2 places...1 is close to Moszkva tér, called 'Trombitás kert'...there they have good food, central place, and not too expensive...!!!
other is close to Oktogon, called Cactus Juice...there they have really tasty and good 'Goulash'...;)...
enjoy your stay here!!
In Budapest! :)
You have to travel to Lake Balaton. It is in the middle of Transdanubien. There are lots of traditional Hungarian restarurants (called csárda). You can have there the best!

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