is it easy to get tickets on the day of a game?


City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States


It is no longer easy to get tickets on the day of a game, if they are playing the Yankees forget about it. I asked a few other people ~ who are big fans & continue to attend games ~ about this, just to see if they agreed. They do. There is always a chance to grab some seats in the bleacher section, one might do well if on line at the ticket office verrry early in the morning. I happen to be one of those people who believe I can obtain tickets to anything, somehow!! This is the same thing for me: call Fenway a couple of days before the game, ask for 'guidance,' they love that! It just could be that something has turned up & you will be the lucky caller!! Well worth going, I haven't since my kids got older, except for the odd invitation once in a while. The Park is interesting & there is a tour of course, great fun. I wish you all the luck in getting in to a game!
Hi Carol, I live right by the park and walk past it often during games. There are usually tickets available to purchase. Granted, they may not be the best seats, but you can usually get in (except for the Yankees of course)! I've even been offered free tickets before! Can be hard to get seats together if you have a group or are coming from out of town, but it's definitely worth a shot!
Yes! There are always scalpers outside the park. The longer into the game you wait, the cheaper you can get them too. I guess it also depends on who they're playing. If you want to get them from the park: . Try this link for other suggestions: .

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