insects & reptiles in this area????


City: Cuenca

Province: Azuay

Country: Ecuador


In Cuenca No reptiles no Insects, if you want to see wild life you better get in the Amazon,
If you don't like insects or reptiles, you are safe in the cities of the Andes, but if you are hiking in the mountains, you may come across the odd salamander and lots of butterflies, depending on the altitude. In the Cuenca area, I've only ever seen butterflies really. The Amazon and the Costal regions, however, are crawling with critters.
LOTS of insects and reptiles, if you really like them. The amazing dynastidae Golopha, one of the more beautiful beetles lives in the zone, as well as some fantastic cerambycid beetles. Among lepidoptera, you can find great Papillionidae and some rare lycaenidae. In reptiles, there is the VERY RARE green snake of the Andes and in some places around Cuenca you can find some rare lizards too. Call me if you are in Cuenca and I will tell you where to find this insects and reptiles. If you want to collect wildlife, you will need a permit of the Ministry of the Environment, of course. If you go to the Azuay University, you can check the collections in the Biology Departament.
hi! In Cuenca there's not reptiles and insects, the best place to see insects and reptiles is the ecuadorian Amazon Region :)
There are no reptiles in Cuenca, few insects, Cuenca is located in highlands(Andes), and is colder.
Cuenca is the third important city in Ecuador, it is a safe City.
Hi, im no expert in this specific area, however, cuenca is in the mountains and a little cold, so you will find very little insects and reptiles compared to the coast
( sea level ) or to the amaznone jungle. Im sure you can find them if you are looking for them but my guees would be that this is not the place to go in Ecuador to go if that is what you are looking for. In the coast you can find iguanas all over the place, not to mention the amazone. I will add a link about Ecuador and its regions so you can have a better idea, make sure you check it out its amazing, tito
Yes, you'll find the biggest reserve of insects. Millions of newest species of insects, never seen by a human eye!! And repitles, off course, we have iguanas, dragons, chamaleons, snakes (like the big anaconda!!) you cant even imagine how many species we have in the amazonic jungle If you want insects and reptiles, we have it!! Good luck and i hope someday you will be enjoing our jungles!! Bye
because of the altitude there is not many insects and reptiles don´t exist.. this is the place if you don´t like bugs or reptiles,,best regards,,,rrr
if you dont like bugs, just in case you must have a bug spray, repelent i mean, but i think in Cuenca you will dont have that problem, but if you are planning to visit the coastal part of Ecuador, then u must wear bug spray all the time, and sun block too.
not many insects in the Andean region, if you want to see them you should visit the Amazon region or along the coast, there you will find a variety of species, diferent colors and sizes
Reptiles are just in public areas such as parks or reservations and insects are all around the country but the dangerous ones are in the amazon...
If you want to see them, the best area for this is actually the warm valleys nearby the city, in day trips you can go directly to some spots where this animals can be spotted, but if you are not interested, then you will be more than fine in the city, Cuenca is nearby some lower elevation warm areas, where there is a big biodiversity and of course, the chance to see it, but there are many options on places to go and stay, if you want more information, contact me at

Azuay is a very beautiful province of Ecuador, it has natural resources areas inside it where you can enjoy of the biodiversity of the austral region. About Cuenca, is one onf the most important and beautiful cities of Ecuador, and as a cold city ,it has no insects or bugs.
Do not have anything to worry about, besides some earth worms, in the Sierra there aren`t any insect or reptiles to worry about. On the Coast.... that is another story.....! Bye, Bye.
In the cities you are safe with insects and reptiles. If you go to the country side there are insects, specially around 6:00 pm (you can be eaten by mosquitos). There are repellents to keep mosquitos off your skin. The same applies for reptiles, except that there are no repellents for reptiles. But don't worry, unless you go to the jungle. There I recommend to have a knowledgeable guide or take an organized tour. In Galapagos you will see lots of iguanas, but they are the friendliest animals on earth.
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You want find a lot of these there!!!. In even is teh reason why panama hats are made in Cuenca: The fibers are produced along the coast of Ecuador (Ruta del Sol) but during the reany season, this aerea is infected with all kind of buggs. Because of aal the tropical deseases like yellow feaver, dengue, .... many of the habitants moved for 6 monthes to the highlands. These needed an economical income and took the fibers with them to the andes where they waved these to make hats. Due to the altitude of the mountain range of the andes (+/- 16.000 feet) these bugs coudn´t fly over! So they were living during +/- 6 monthes along the coast and 6 monthes in Cuenca wich is teh clothest city of Guayaquil!

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