Can you recommend restaurants in El Born nearby the El Parc de Ciutadella? We are interested in non-touristy places...


City: Barcelona

Autonomous community: Catalonia

Country: Spain


Well I can recomend great food places in Born, but it's such an important historical area that it's impossible to find a place there with no tourists there... I would never recomend a tourist trap, but please understand that the internet has made impossible for locals to hide any great local place from tourists anymore.
Here are some of my favorite places in the Born:
- Senyor Parellada, for catalan cooking.
- Taller de Tapas, for tapas (yes, lots of tourists but the food is really good and the variety of tapas fullfills any taste)
- Xampanyet, for ham and cheese and cold tapas.
- Montiel, for a gourmet palate.
- Salero, for a young trendy athmosphere.

Hope it helps! Please rate my answer!


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