Is easy to hitchhike in ireland's countryside?


Country: Ireland


Yes. I have had many visitors who were hitch-hiking and got on very well. Make sure you do a sign for your destination. Also check out ;-) Good luck.
I have done the best idea is to find a quiet part of a main road, and put a peace sign on the corner of you sign and do have a sign saying where you want togo, the only thing to really worry about is the rain have wet gear!! a must, people are friendly here for the most part not too many weird ones either :)
As the others have said, it's a friendly country but it always pays to be careful. If you don't feel comfortable with a person rather get wet and wait a bit. Being Swiss myself, I made Ireland my homebase because of the 'smily' peopel here. Enjoy your trip and if you are out Balla way , Co. Mayo, feel free to pop in. The West of Ireland is stunning.
Yes in the countryside and the West, but not so much in the cities or the East Coast
In the most part it is quite safe. When Ieaving Dublin, take a bus out to the country first to towns like Maynooth, Newbridge, Drogheda, Mullingar first to keep well clear of city traffic. Take the country roads, farmers are great for giving lifts, trucks, tractors, etc. They love to chat. If by chance you need any assistance people will welcome you into their home. Always make judgements with clues like trampones, toys, swings, indicators of family homes. We have had people call on numerous occassions. If people offer food, or a cuppa tea, or coffee, its part of the Irish welcome. Pubs abd bars can also be very welcoming, the attraction of the black stuff(guinness) may want you to linger longer. Have a good time, the weather is usually quite temperate in nature, but one characteristic of the climate is the rain, which results in our lush green fields even in winter. Make sure to be off the road after dark, especially on winding country roads as people generally dont travel too slow on such roads. In general, people do live up to their friendly nature, you need to enjoy the Craic!(Crack!) its an Irish word for fun and enjoyment not another name for a certain illegal drug. If you have any songs etc. or party pieces they can be very welcome if you join in a session in some of the country pubs.
It is very easy to hitch hike however f you would like something a little more organised try car sharing

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