Can we visit Mayan Pyramids as a day trip from Cancun?

Can we hire a car,leave in the morning to see these places and return by night? How long should we travel to reach the Pyramids?


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


Hola Eva A.

Umm, in my understanding of the English language, eventhough my main language is Spanish, the term "hire a car" will mean to me as hiring a car with chofeur, either a normal taxi or maybe one of those authorized Tour Guides that have their own cars. And that may be not quiet as unexpensive as if you RENT a car and then drive yourself and hire the tourist guide for only the tour once in the Archeologycal site, either way the drive from CanCun to lets say Chichén Itzá Ruins is very nice and safer now, it is a two lane highway each direction so it only takes you about 3 hours, in the old road takes you about 5 hours but you drive by a lot of very nice Yucatecan small towns and villages and is a two lanes road, one in each direction.
If you can depart around 8:00 in the morning you will get there by 11 am so you can spend a great deal of time on the site to get to see as much as you can because Chichen it's quiet large, and then drive back by 5:00 and return to Can Cun around 8-8:30 at night.
Although they do have a nice hotel right next to the site is the Old Chichen Hacienda you can spend one night there and assist to the night show of lights and live Mayan dances, it is a very nice show.
Also South of Can Cun there are the ruins of TULUM right next to the caribbean, lot lot smaller than Chiche Itza, but vey pretty view over looking the Mexican Caribbean.
Then a little bit more into the jungle and far fro the ocean we have the ruis of COBÁ, an older period site and much more larger than Chichen Itza but 80% of it still cover by the jungle, they only clean up parts of the pyramids to determine their age, so it is a walk throught the real jungle what you do there, and it takes driving from Can Cun around three hours, but very exiting site because they just discovery it in the 1970's.
When you visit these sites wear good walking shoes.
Well have a very nice time in my country, and if you thing about snorkeling or diving, the Island of Cozumel is a paradise for that.

Victor Brito
Hi there, yes would be the answer to your question, you can hire a car and leave early in the morning to make it to the Pyramids. There are so many sites to choose from though it would take forever to list them all and a travelling time.

The most famous one is Chichen Itza, now one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. You can easily reach this in about 2.5 hours if you drive along the New Toll road, which cuts out passing through all the little villages and is a good dual carriageway. I would suggest that you maybe come back the Scenic route though so that you don't feel you've missed out on anything.

Other Famous Ruins close to Cancun are Coba, which contains several large temple pyramids, the tallest, in what is known as the Nohoch Mul group of structures, being some 42 metres (140 ft) in height.

Tulum the only Mayan ruin built on the Caribbean Coast - Make a Day trip of this with a visit to Xel-Ha Eco Park too, as it only takes about an hour to complete your visit to Tulum.

If you take a Video Camera to any of these sites, there is a $25.00 USD Tax payable as you enter.

You can hire a very nice car for between $25.00 USD and $50.00 USD per day from which includes the Insurance and Tax.

Good Luck, and if I can help you further, please let me know.

Of corse you can! Tulum is not more than 3 hours and chichen itzá is very close also there shouldnt be any problem, you can rent a care for like 60 dollars, and the pyramids wont cost more tha 50 pesos.Hope this helps!
Yess, its very posible to hire a car and drive towards Tulum located just two hours from Cancun. there is also buses from the ADO (Main bus station) to Tulum for about 6 dollars.
The access to the piramids must be like 3.5 dollars at the moment.
Hi,for sure,Chichen Itza is a must visit as well as Tulum,theres a lot of organized day trips,lot of offers to choose from,good luck
Well sure you can rent a car here in Cancun, the most popular car rentals are Executive, Avis, and Hertz.
Take in count that you will be asked for a valid driver license and for a credit card with a minimum of credit of 500usd.
Now if you are planning to go long ways in the highway it is a really good idea to get the full insurance coverage, I know it’s more expensive but its way more safe.
And please remember that the driving regulations are not the same that in other countries, every time that some one comes and visit me from Canada or from Europe the always ask me way the people pas you on the left hand side? Why there are some cars without license plate?
there are also some less known sites, but which are bit further away: Yaxuná, Uxmal and Kabah, Labná and Sayil (incredible palaces) (all in Yucatan), or Dzibanché and Kohunlich (in Quintana Roo). You could do some of these in a two day trip
It is very easy to travel from Cancun to Chichen Itza , Tulum or Coba , wich are main Archeological Mayan Sites around here . I will strongly recomend you to book a tour , a small group or private , as the added value for explanations worth the extra bucks . Hope it can help , have a nice day
yes you can see several pyramids the most impressive is chichen itza and it is a day tour but there is also coba and tulum which are close to cancun 2 hrs away and it is a good sightseeing tour
You can rent a car and go to a lot of sites a few minutes from cancun, all with wonderfull piramids and great scenery

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