Does anyone know if the concerts of the fray in Rotterdam and Tilburg are sold out?thank you all in advance?


Country: Netherlands


I will look up onto this, as I have tickets for Fleetwood Mac this Thursday in De Ahoy and I ain't selling mine.... at all;) next month is Deep Purple and that too is special and I hope you get to see yr favourites soon somehow... all the best!!!
I believe it is still available... go check this site link and place your order qik...Goodluck!!! ;)

on this site their still available;
The best thing to do is to look at the site of 013 ~ the place where they preform in Tilburg
or at the site of WATT ~ the place they preform in Rotterdam
At the time of writing, there were still tickets available.

I recommend using this site and not the general ticket selling site, because recently there have been some scams with these kind of type of websites.

Have fun! And if you're in Tilburg, my hometown, lovely Breda is only 13 minutes by train away. Come and visit!
All the above are correct :)
There are still plenty of tickets available for the Fray for both the Watt in Rotterdam as 013 in Tilburg

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