Best place to stay at in the Danube Delta area? Has anyone been to Statiunea Gura Portitei? Need feedback!!!


Country: Romania


Best place to discover Danube Delta is on floating hotels...this is the charm: to discover the magic places, landscapes, rides on little rivers, watching birds & flowers, fishing... not just staying in one place.
It's nice also to be accomodate at Gura Portitei, but Y can't say that Y discovered the Danube Delta.

see links below:

Thank you for the reply, but I need more specific information, preferably first hand accounts of one's positive experiences in a particular hotel/complex in the Delta.
Dear Vlad,

Warmly recommended are :
- Delta Nature Resort 5* in Samova:
- Safari Village (Enisala) 5* in Sarichioi:
- Egreta Hotel 4* in Dunavatu de Jos:
You can find details about Gura Portitei here:
Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Have a great holiday !


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