Dear, while im searching for appatments in Montreal , i found some have Hydro, well what is meant by Hydro?


City: Montreal

Province: Quebec

Country: Canada


Hydro is a synonym Canadians use for electricity, as Hydro One was the main electricity supplying company for years.

Just like Sony came up with Walkman, after that we all began to address a portable cassete/Cd player as a walkman, regarldless of brand, similarly we (Canadians) use Hydro as a reference to Electricity.

Hydro included means, electricity included (in the rent).
That would mean that electrical power is included in the rent. Comes from the provincial public energy utility being named Hydro-Québec, so people commonly refer to "the hydro bill". That's common across Canada, not just in Québec.
Electricity - as in hydro-electric generated power.
Yes, hydro (meaning WATER) -electric power: much of our electricity is generated by water--think Niagara Falls! Eventually instead of "power" we just started to say "hydro."
Strange I know, but that's all it means.
Hi, in Québec, it is a state company that provides electricity and it is called Hydro-Québec. Hence, Hydro included means that electricity is included in the price charged for rent.
Good luck in your search for an apartment.

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