who knows where i can get a brief summary o the history of nairobi west...urgent. need it for a research i am doing of the area..


City: Nairobi West

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Please, go to the National Archives in Nairobi city centre and you will get all your answers.
Nairobi West began as a residential area, in the 60's most of the residents in this area were European and Asian, it was one of the suburbs in Nairobi that was considered upmarket, more indigenous Kenyans began to buy property in this area, it still retains its upmarket status, but it has become more of a meeting spot for people of all classes, as pubs, and entertainment venues are most prominent. The council zoning of this residential estate may soon be changed into a fully commercial zone, as more and more offices, pub, and businesses are established. Nairobi West is conveniently close to most of the major attractions that one would want to visit in Nairobi, it is 5 Kilometers from the Nairobi National Park gate, 2 Kilometers from The Carnivore restaurant, in a suburb that it 2 Kilometers from the City Center. If you would want a genuine feel of Nairobi's party scene, as well as a view of the Nairobi National Park, and a visit to Carnivore restaurant, Nairobi West is your staging ground. Please provide specific details about your query?
Macmillan Library used to have very good reference books and data. Please try there.
Its situated in the City Center.
Please get in touch with me,we can share ideas,am also in that field.My details are here below.
i would recommend that you visit the national archives where they have all the information on nairobi. then you can also check the old provincial headquarters at nyayo house which is now a museum. this will provide valid information.
Hello, I would suggest you check with Kenya National Archive at City Centre.
You are most certainly going to get all that you need.
Kindly visit the Kenya Achives and request for an assistance in regard to history of Nairobi and its suburbs.
Nairobi Archives has a wealth of dipository history. Its opened to the public from 8a - 5 Pm Mon - Friday. You need to pay a annual fee of Ksh 200.
The Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service can get some good books for this. You can also google Wiki answers and you can get a good insight of this. You can also visit for more details.
hi go to the nairobi national archieves and you will be sorted out.

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