Car Rental and lodging

Good Day I am looking for lodging and car rental for 2 persons sharing from 4-8Jan2010. Will it be available and what will be the cost? Regards Frikkie Naudé


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


approximately $US120.00/night for hotel type you want hotel accommodation or do you want to be in a Jamican home..approximately $85.00 perday for an average four cylinder 1600cc car
To best assist you, (1) must have location Kingston, Montego bay & Ocho Rios where are you going (2) Lodging range from US$75 - US$120 per night also vehicle US$ 50.00 to US$ 100.00 per day If any other question feel free to reply
Thank for an interest in my country...firstly hotel accommodation can cause between $60-120 per night ( all inclusive) while guest houses can cause from $50per night to $100 rental for can range between $50/100 per day....i hope this will be of help tp you
Ok yes will u be in mobay? If so yes a car will be 60-80Us a day and how many rooms do u need ? do u want a cook? rooms for 50.00 a day and up
Yes can provide you with both,hotel will be at $128/night for hotel and car at $45us please feel free to contact me.thanks and see you soon.
Rooms are available from US 20-sky is the limit.You might be better off hiring a driver with a vehicle.He will save you time and money in the long run
hotel fees are from$120.00us up depend on which hotel you book for and car rentel
is from $80.00us up per day you can rent it for the week and go where ever you want are rent it for the day
A reliable car will cost you approximately US$85 per day, a security deposit is usually required which will run anywhere between US$750 - US$1000 which can be held against your credit card and then return to your card at the end of the rental.The cost of accomodation will depend on where you want to stay but an all- inclusive hotel will be about US$120 a guest house will be from US$50 up, if you plan to stay in the Ocho
Rios area them contact me I know of a great place, recently renovated that I can recommend.
Frikke, I will suggest to be careful of some persons telling you that you will need a security deposit of 750 - 1000 per God knows for the period except a month. It is best to get into a all inclusive hotel. Where are you wanting to visit? Montego Bay or Kingston or Ocho Rios or Negril? For each has a different price. You need to be specific. Explain what you wish to see and what tours you wish to take and how much you are willing to spend for each or you WILL be taken a very expensive ride. U$300 is least for just getting a taxi to take you on a tour for a day it goes up to U$1000 but the total tour may cost U$1500 - 3000 with food, entry fee, paying the driver and the tour guide. We at localyte are here to assist you in giving you quality tours and advice for you total enjoyment and relazation in our beautiful country. Take a look at my website and see what you like in tours my website is . I hope that you will have a wonderful happy enjoyable stay with us in Jamaica. Book a hotel for couples i.e Couples or Sandals to make reservations for your trip. No worry 'bout a ting in Jamaica!
Lodging from simple accommodation to luxury, Hanove is great for local beach fronts and bars depending on what you like visiting communities and meeting the people eating local cuisine We can show the best local experience Buzz me

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