what should I be careful of when I visit Prague in November? thx


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


The cold and the rain...besides those you can just enjoy it :o)...Oh and be aware that November 17 is a public holiday!
Rogue taxi drivers,use AAA or City and check the meter is running , avoid hailing one on the street and NEVER use one with the badge AAA sro on the door, exaggerated restaurant bills, always check these, pickpockets and possibly scummy street whores in the centre after about 10 pm.
I love Prague but beneath the beautiful façade there is a seamy not so nice underbelly. Just be street smart and have a fabulous time and as Petra wrote wrap up well :)
Be ready that weather - especially at the end of november - can be snowy.. usually not but you never know, that´s possible. Gloves and hat can save your comfort!
If you're used to being in a city - just be relaxed as you would be everywhere else.
I feel a lot safer here in Prague than in Demnark where I come from. I never see for instance random violence here in Prague.

You should maybe be aware of people doing business in a not so fair way. Check the exchange rates before you exchange your money. Avoid the small stalls found everywhere and go to a bank instead - or Cedok in Nekazanka Street.
Check menus before you order food or drink. A Pilsner Urquell (½ litre) should cost between 32 and 40 Czk - if it does the rest of the menu will be fair as well. Even if you don't drink beer, check the price of the best beer served - and you'll instantly know if prices are fair
Hi, you shoul be careful of the weather. In November can wather changed very quickly. It means that, one day is 4 degrees over zero and second day is 10 degrees under zero. Second thing- be carful about pickpockets and taxi drivers. If taxi drivers see foreigners, they boost they prices. Always, when you sit to the taxi look about taximeter. When you start your passage it must work! In other way - the taxi driver will require inadequate price.
Prague is a pretty safe city, but just watch the following;

1) Taxi drivers - especially those off the street (or hanging around at the airport) as they specialise in ripping off tourists/foreigners (always use AAA or Profi by phoning for one, or from the official taxi rank at the airport)

2) Pickpockets - especially on the trams (no.9 is notoriously the worst) and around busy tourist areas

3) In bars, don't leave your drink unattended as I know a couple of people who have been drugged (and then mugged), though I believe this was more down to their stupidity than anything.

Hope this helps?

Have a great time!!
fantasic thx. I will be renting a car though!
Hi Timothy!
I trust this message finds you well?
You have asked quite an unusual question really, a question that naturally brings out some negative examples.
Prague is really not a place to be worried about. When some friends of mine were visiting from Sweden it made me realise the impression that some people have. They were impressed by the fact that the airport was so modern and nice plus they didn't expect the high level of infrastructure.
All of the comments are useful but you really will have a great time if you are street wise.
I would recommend learning the tram system as soon as you arrive, it's very good, you can find information on how the system works on my profile. You can get from the airport into town from the airport using public transport too, if you want to.

If you have any question between now and November then don't hesitate to ask.

You should be careful of the pickpockets, in all tourists areas (Venceslas, Karl bridge......). Prag is the third town in the world for these thieves.

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