Hi! I just arrived in Birkenfeld and planning to live here for at least 6 months. Any recommendation of what to see along the way...

...from Mainz to Saarbruecken? Viellen Dank! Kitty


Country: Germany


you can go Parallel to river Main or Rhein - and Mosel - Traisl Roads- passing Wineyards- note- Lorelley, St Goars , Bingen, Rüdesheim etc - all lovely small Towns -Districts close to rivers mentioned above- now maybe in Autumn the River Cruises might be operating very seldom-- Have fun
Guess there are many Birkenfelds.... the one I know is in the Spessart area around Marktheidenfeld, half-way between Frankfurt and Würzburg. The latter is a wonderful town with a UNESCO world heritage site, the amazing baroque Residenz, a palace with the largest self-supporting stone ceiling in the world, painted as a fresco by the Italian artist Tiepolo. And the city is young, with 20.000 students, great vineyards all around the city, and of course many wine cellars and bars in town where the students hang out. Go there and see for yourself.

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