where is silk street?


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Silk market is located in Beijing, Chaoyang district, near the China world trade center,
take subway 1, station called Yonganli. It is not a nice place for shopping, no a real China market, only for tourist. Beijing zoo wholesale market is much better than it.
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In Beijing. Chaoyang district. Ask the taxi driver and he know where to go.
Silk Street Market is on Jianguomenwai at Yong An Li station on Line 1 of the metro. It is very busy and caters to the personal tastes of foreigners. You must bargain hard, for example if you are quoted a price of 1000rmb, you offer 50rmb and end up with the item for 100-200rmb. It is very centrally located and very easy to get to. I highly recommend it for a firsttimer in Beijing.
It's no longer a street or alley as it was in the old(er) days but it's a big 5 (?) story building with thousands of vendors selling all kinds of clothing and stuff. It's about 2 (or 3) blocks west of the China World trade Center on Jianguomen.
Silk Market is by subway line 1 at Yonganli Station, at the northwest corner of the cross.

Besides Silk Market, there are many other markets where you could have a good shopping, i.e. Yashow (subway line 10, Tuanjiehu Station, take northwest exit, heading west for 5 min, on your right hand side).

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there are several routes of Silk Road. but i think this one could be interester:Xi'An---Lan Zhou---Xi Ning---Dun Huang---Urumqi

In Chinese: 西安-兰州-西宁-敦煌-乌鲁木齐
Silk street is located in the E2nd ring road in Beijing. You can take subway line1. There is a station called Yong'anli.

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