I am going to be in Iceland for a week in late November and am interested in visiting Vestmannaeyjar. Since my time is so short I...

...would prefer flying over taking the ferry but I read that flights are frequently canceled due to bad weather. Any idea how common this really is?


Country: Iceland


Well Iceland is the land of strange weather changing on short time onthis time of year.
You can have Sun, snow , raining and windy weather on the same hour so it is hard to know about this flights long time before.
But if the flights are cansaled then it is not not for many days,1 and 1 days or few flights, but Vestmannaeyjar is a windy area and difficult to fly there in windy and bad weathers.
Just take the chance to get the flight, more likely than not to get the flight.

True, sometimes the flights to the Westmann Isles are cancelled due to bad weather, the ferry is not 100% safe either. Do not worry about it though. My advice to you is not to travel there on your last day of the holiday because you could get stuck there. As long as you leave a bit of room for the possibility of bad weather your're going to be OK.

Besides that the place is really wonderful to visit. Volcanoes and great landscape.

Have lots of fun and say hello to my friend Kiddi, the guide on the Westmann Isles
You must ask for puffin to eat out there!

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