I'm going to live in Auckland for working holiday from Oct. 27, but i want to look around the city first so...


City: Auckland

Region: Auckland

Country: New Zealand


Hey no problem! What do u want to see in Auckland? Everything Im guessing.=) Gey back to me with what your interests r, like u know, shopping, partying, history, art...
Hi, Filipp. Thanks for your answer. I just would like to walk around and look what is it like. :)
Hi there,

I would suggest checking out the Hauraki Gulf which is full of islands where you can do day trips by ferry, especcially as the weather will be nicer then.

Also - make the effort to get out of Auckland, there is lots more of the beautiful country to see :)
What sort of working holiday do you want?or have you something already/
Hi Taku,

Here are some great activities you can enjoy in Auckland: The Auckland Harbour lunch cruise; Auckland harbour bridge climb and/or bungy; there are some great gardens to see so make up a garden walk; Skytower climb and/or bungy; hop on/off bus tour takes you to all the main attractions and you can hop off at each place take your time having a look around then hop back on to the next attraction.
Enjoy : )
I'm going to live in Auckland for working holiday from Oct. 27, but i want to look around the city first so......downtown auckland is very easy to walk around and easy to navigate......Queen Street is the main street....follow it all the way down to Queens Wharf and enjoy cafes along the waterfront.......catch a ferry from there to Devonport to get a unique perspective on the city.......You can also catch a ferry to Rangitoto Island or Waiheke Island...........all great place to visit.....that will get you started
Hi Taku!
Yes, Auckland is a very walkable city. When you get here and start to look for work, choose someplace that you can either walk to or get the bus to. Then you can choose a place to live nearby. Most WHV people live in a backpackers (hostel) or share a house or flat (apaato). Enjoy!

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