River Hike

Can you give me more information about the river hike? I am traveling solo at the end of the summer and am interested in hikes, seeing waterfalls, etc. What would transportation be and the price? Thanks in advance! AMR


City: Negril

Parish: Westmoreland

Country: Jamaica


Hi AMR thanks for contacting me. The river hike is very good as you will see the most beautiful places here in Jamaica while experiencing the culture/ heritage/history of Jamaica. Transportation will be by car to the locations and the duration of the tour is 8 hours. The cost all-inclusive is $US286.00
$286 sounds EXPENSIVE. You need a SAFE tour guide and there are many. Check out ZIMBALI RETREATS on facebook...I have never heard of "the river hike" I can recommend a tour guide to go to YS FALLS and hike there. they will pick you up early and feed you ...should be about $180-$200? Do not go in a car to remote tiny springs ..What you want is a JUTA driver . they have a tour guide license and you may be able to contact them directly
I recommend Duns River, since you mention waterfall, where visitors can make the 600 feet climb from the base of the falls, hand-in-hand like a human daisy chain, guided by competent staff. Guides at Dunn's River Falls are skilled at leading you up the falls and can use your camera to take your picture as you pose under the many falls.

The not so daring can walk alongside and observe the falls and climbers from many entry points; while taking those memorable photographs.

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