I would like to plan a low budget vacation in Turkey for september. What places to visit on the Mediteranian sea coast would you reccomend?

It would be good to have interesting sites (both historical and natural) to see near by, maybe a possibility for some hiking or rafting experience, also would be good that these places have some some cutural events also in this period. It is not mandatory to have everithing included, I would prefer to have an opportunity to see some of Turkey cutural and natural heritage more than the other two options, but if possible to have them all...


Country: Turkey


According to your budget you may have many alternatives in TURKEY.

If your are planning to visit ISTANBUL, I can more helpfull to you. But for mediterranean part I dont have enought information for accomodations.
you have to visit olympos, Olympos is best place for you )) i can offer you kadir's place there are also normal rooms too .. also olypos have lots of historical place.. and have great beach )) if you decşde to go there and you have more questions, you can use my this mail address

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