When do Zöld Pardon and Cafe del Rio close this year? Thanks!


City: Budapest

Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


It closes in the end of September, but usually they are stretching the dates according to the weather.
I agree with Miki Gador. Usually they are open until the end of September. But if the weather is good than longer.
They both have operational permit until October 1st.
And then both closes for good.
All the answer are correct, as long as the local municipality does not decide to close the places.

There is not much chance for that right now, but one never knows.
Nothing new to say, I guess. :)
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We all cross our fingers that district Municipality won't close them for good at the end of season. So hurry up, it might be the last chance in this year. :(
According to the latest decision of the Újbuda local government they are licensed until October 31 when they should close down.
It depends on the weather and the bribe money they pay for the authorities. :) But usually at the end of september.
I think after august. When the weather goes bad.

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