what is the best local pub in Edinburgh for the true Scottish experience


City: Edinburgh

Constituent state: Scotland

Country: United Kingdom


One of Edinburgh's best and most attractive pubs is also one of its most difficult to find. The Cafe Royal Bar occupies one side of the superb building that also houses the Cafe Royal Restaurant. The best way to find it is via the pedestrian crossing across Princes Street in front of the Balmoral Hotel near Waverley Station. Cut up the side of Burger King and past the Guildford Arms and you find yourself outside the Cafe Royal Bar.
Cafe Royal is indeed a jewel in the Edinburgh pub scene and I heartily recommend the dining experience, as well as the great beers. But it is a Victorian pub experience, not a local pub. Unlike cities like Toronto where people still live in the centre of town, Edinburgh city centre is not a "local" residential district. People live out in the suburbs. Any city centre pub is likely to be populated by visitors, or by locals who have commuted in to town for a night out.

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