Alicante vs. Mallorca for summer holiday.?

For the summer 2010, we want to plan a nice trip abroad to either Alicante or Palma de Mallorca. Problem is... we cannot really choose. Can anybody tell us positives and negatives about these places to help us make up our minds? Thank you for your help!


Country: Spain


Why not try the Costa de la Luz instead? (Just to confuse you even more :-))
This is a tranquil real Spanish spot, not a tourist trap! Wonderful beaches, prices are still good compared to the more touristic places in Spain, we relocated here and will never regret :-) Let me know if I can help you!
The whole Island of Majorca is a paradise. You can find here the perfect vacation. Majorca is a miracle,not matter what type of persons you are, what social class you belong to or what are your interest ,you always find the right place ,we have such a lot of different choices to choose from. And it is less expensive that most people think.
Mallorca is very busy during summer time. It depends in what are you looking for, I mean a tranquil vacation or a crazy party vacation. If the second, Mallorca would be your best choice, aqccording that in Mallorca can find nice spots and retired wonderfull places. Alicante is another great place for a summer vacation, where there are fantastic beaches and maravelous country side.
Yes, I agree as well :D
If you have never been to Sapin before I think that Mallorca is the best option, you have the very touristic Mallorca but there is also quiet areas, and beaches are great. Alicante does'nt have the beaches as beautiful as Mallorca and is quite warm over there, I like to go to Alicante in april, may when is nice and not so hot,
Alicante as in Alicante City would be a strange choice -it's a bit off the tourist beat although I like it a lot. Most tourists who fly in to Alicante go South to Gran Alacant, Torrevieja, the Vega Baja etc or North to Jávea, Altea, Calpe etc I have lived there for 8 years and am sure it has "everthing".

That said I particulalry like Mallorca. In a nutshell you can't go wrong with either I am sure ...although it will be HOT!
We have no idea how our question ended uop here :p

To Karin: We choose Alicate or Mallorca because these destinations are desserved from Edinburgh with easyjet.

We will be a group of friends in the 20s, and we thought it would be a good idea to rent a villa.
We mainly look for great beaches and scenery, as for the night life we can create our own, Also comment about the nightlife are also welcome.

Thanks everybody for your answers!
definitly Mallorca, I lived there 6 years, if need more info, contact me.

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