Ibiza? What is it like in October?

Hey, My friends and I have decided to go to Ibiza for a long weekend from the 10th-14th of Ocotober. We arent major clubbers but do like going out and having a couple of drinks.... So is Ibiza a complete ghost town at this time, or are there some bars and clubs still open? Any advice on where to go would be appreciated |Thanks


Autonomous community: Baleares

Country: Spain


Ibiza is very quiet out of season. This year the weather is better than often. Those days you are coming we have a mini-summer so perfect destination for a weekend to enjoy the nature. The sea water is warm
hello miguel
i lived in ibiza for 30 years the nicest time of the year in ibiza is october first the hotels are cheaper every thing is still open and the beached are at perfect temp and also its not very very busy like august etc
if you need any more help please fell free to ask me have fun

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