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City: Johannesburg

Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa


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There is a great italian restaurant in Monte Casino, I cant remember the exact name but it is either Scala, Scalia or Scalie. Im sure if you get hold of Monte Casino they will be able to tell you. Or even if you go there you will be able to find it
For what I do know in Mandela Square is great Italians Restaurant, just cross the road from Sandton of them Michael Angelo
If you are looking for a descent Italian type of food, Nino's by and large are the most consistent in quality and quantity, that is if you like chain stores.
Gino's in Robertsham is a great place to have a good Sangria, as well as some of the more of the authentic Italian dishes.
I highly recommend this italian restaurant-:
Ritrovo Italan comtemporary cuisine
In Waterkloof Ridge

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